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Baby Massage & Baby Yoga

What is more wonderful than a massage by two gentle hands?


Loving touches and caresses by mum/dad lead to the relaxation of your babies and give them a sense of well-being. This creates an intense connection between you and your baby and you spend precious time together. It also supports your parental sensitivity and competence.


On a physical level, baby massage also supports digestion, reduces flatulence and deepens breathing. It also regulates the autonomic nervous system and the immune system. Your baby also releases the "happiness hormone" endorphin.




Yoga is not only great for the grown-ups! During the classes we incorporate relaxing exercises from Baby Yoga for the little ones - relaxed babies, relaxed parents.


Treat yourself to this beautiful and relaxing time out with your baby in the company of other mums/dads. Together we learn the techniques of baby massage and baby yoga and exchange questions in a trusting atmosphere.


The ideal time to start the course is between the 4th and 16th week of life.



Please note that this course takes place in German. If there is an English speaking participant, I'll switch between both languages.

  • please bring a blanket/towel for your baby

  • please come in comfortable clothes

  • Course dates: 01.08.2023 - 29.08.2023; 1:30 pm - 2:45 pm

  • Costs: 5 course units à 75 minutes incl. handout - EUR 85.00

  • Location: Hebammenpraxis Bauchgeflüster, Weitzbachstr. 8, 65207 Wiesbaden


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