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"A good birth experience is no coincidence -
together we'll find out what you need for it"

Vanessa Wagner - Doula 
- Wiesbaden & Rhein-Main -
You don't speak German? No problem, I can also support you in English!
Mein Angbot
Doula Support

Blessing Way Ceremony

Celebrate your pregnancy and upcoming birth

Baby Yoga &
Baby Massage

Hebammenpraxis Bauchgeflüster in Wiesbaden

Birth Preparation Class

Weekend Birth Preparation Class for English speaking couples in Wiesbaden

How I support you

Especially when you are coming from another country and/or culture it's important that there is someone who understands you and guides you through the "German Jungle". We will find your right way -  we are in this together!

It is a matter close to my heart to mentally prepare pregnant women and their partners for the birth, to accompany them during pregnancy,  birth and in the postpartum period. I emotionally encourage you to enjoy the magic of pregnancy, the power of birth and the magical time of the postpartum period - without fears and worries.

Deep down we women know how giving birth "works", but sometimes the noises of life are so loud that we can no longer hear the little voice inside us - I hear, see and support you unconditionally, so that you as the birthing woman can find your own competence of giving birth again and are able to use it.


                       You are the queen of your birth!

Together we will let your roots and wings grow so that you can enjoy the most exciting and beautiful adventure to the fullest, because you already have everything you need within you!

New beginnings can be associated with insecurities, fears and worries. I offer you and your partner and your possibly already existing family the emotional space and support for these growth processes and I am there for you so that you can concentrate on the essentials: becoming a family.

Let's ignite the desire to give birth together and celebrate the birth party as the crowning glory! The after show party is then the confinement!

            Does that mean you don't need a midwife?

A doula never replaces the presence or duties of a midwife, as there are very distinct differences in duties:

As your doula, I will encourage you in your decision-making regarding pregnancy, birth and postpartum, I will be your mental and emotional support and, unlike your midwife, I will not take on any medical tasks or even examinations. 

About me

Hey! I am very happy that you found your way to me - welcome!

My name is Vanessa Wagner and I live in Wiesbaden with my husband and our daughter.

I laugh a lot, I like yoga and I'm often out in nature. I rarely say no to a coffee, and certainly not to a wellness treatment :-)

Already during my pregnancy, the desire to support other women and to encourage them to be in "good hope" again and to get away from their fears and worries arose. I experienced my own birth as self-determined and powerful, so that at the latest it became clear to me:

I'm going to be a doula!

Being a doula is a real calling from my heart and so I completed my training with Melanie Schöne and am also a member of the "Doulas in Deutschland e.V." association.

In addition to my accompaniments as a doula, I also give Blessing Way ceremonies as well as baby massage & baby yoga courses, for which I am also a certified course instructor. From May I will also be giving birth preparation classes in English.

Currently I'm in the middle of a training to become a certified lactation consultant. 

I look forward to getting to know you!

Über mich

Reasons for a doula support can be...

You're having your first child and you don't know what to expect

You are afraid of

giving birth and

the pain

You have a long desire to have children/
treatment behind you and have lost confidence in your body
You want to do something good for yourself, where it's all about you and your needs
Germany is not your home country, you want support & feeling safe away from home in this special time
Your previous birth was traumatic and you are worried about your upcoming birth 
You already have everything you need
within you!
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