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Pregnancy, birth & postpartum

​​In the meetings during your pregnancy, 

we fully prepare you (and your partner) for the birth of your baby.

Together we will find out what you want and which tools can

support and help you.

  • Personal/Zoom introductory meeting (approx. 30 minutes) - For free -

  • 3-4 meetings (each approx. 2.00 - 2.5 hours) during pregnancy, individually tailored to you and your needs

  • Recommendation of experts from my network, e.g. local courses, therapists, birth photographers, etc.

  • Postpartum period preparation - the way you need it!

  • Guidance through the "German Jungle" of required applications, etc.

  • I'm always open for your questions, thoughts and concerns 

  • The meetings are individually adapted to your needs

  • Availability through phone call, email, whatsApp/iMessage

During the birth I take care of you, support you and your partner

and make sure that you feel safe and secure


Since we got to know each other very well during your pregnancy, I know about your wishes, needs, worries and fears and make sure that you are fine during the birth and that you have everything you need. With the help of relaxation measures, I will be happy to create an island of peace and relaxation for you. I am also a contact person for your partner. 


I act as a link between you and the birth staff, so that you can concentrate on the birth in peace and quiet and also not worry about a potential language barrier. The birth situation is always individual and I adapt to you spontaneously.  If you wish, I can make a placenta print on canvas for you - as a special memory. You don't have to be worried of the language barrier between you and birth staff.

I will set up a 24-hour on-call service exclusively for you 10 days before and 10 days after your due date. When your contractions start you contact me and I will come to you/place of birth and stay until your baby is born and I know you are in good hands.

After giving birth I am there for you.

I accompany you lovingly and caringly during your postpartum,

so that you can settle into your new role as a mother.

  • 3 visits during the postpartum period

  • Reflecting of your birth experience

  • Relaxation techniques such as Rebozo massage, hand massage

  • Bengkung Belly Binding 

  • Baby healing bath by Brigitte Meißner (if required)

  • Support in finding your way into your new role as mom/family

  • Recommendations for mom/baby courses, etc. 

  • The meetings are individually adapted to your needs

- EUR 900.00*  plus mileage allowance depending on distance -

The package can be individually adapted to your needs - 

feel free to talk to me!

  • Pregnancy support, single (including postpartum preparation) - EUR 300.00 - 

  • Birth support, single (incl. one meeting during pregnancy) - EUR 650.00 -


  • Postpartum care, single - EUR 300.00 -

  • Creation of a birth plan (approx. 1.5 hours), single - EUR 75.00 - 

  • Breastfeeding course incl. handout - EUR 150.00 - 

  • Additional meetings of 90 minutes during pregnancy or postpartum - EUR 70.00 -

*Are you worried about financing? Together we will find a solution!

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